Who we are

We are lovers of this wonderful breed. Our highest obsession as breeders is to breed healthy dogs, so that our concern for the health of our dogs and our puppies have made us pioneers in Spain in conducting tests on hereditary diseases (hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, heart, cystinuria), on our adult dogs, to avoid the transmition to our puppies. Therefore why advise you to always ask the breeders who are in possession of the results of these tests, that will indicate that their breeding is responsible.

Anmalamual & Basaburua Newfoundlands don't neglect the beauty and that is why we perform exclusively selective breeding, combining beauty and morphology, to reach as far as possible the perfection of the breed standards and always according to the guidelines established by the Spanish Club of Newfoundland,  allthough not being members (even going beyond, since we provide evidence of hereditary transmission of diseases that the Club doesn' t oblige  to perform and that we as responsible breeders do for the health of our puppies ).

As you have seen our breeding philosophy is to produce healthy and in type dogs, that are typical. Not and easy thing, but, over time, working and using the blood lines  that have the typical characteristics, we hope to have courage and good fortune for our passion, we allow ourselves and all who love this wonderful breed to enjoy healthy companions, and why not also strong and beautiful. Anmalamual & Basaburua Newfoundlands is proud of being the first breeder of Newfoundlands that did a SPANISH RECOMMENDED litter by the Spanish Club of Newfoundland.